Kiosk Fonts Library grows bigger and bigger!

28. Januar 2009

This has been a fantastic week for Kiosk Fonts:
two absolutely fresh and unique typefaces were added to the library! Produced by the typedesign department of The Conestruction Inc., Señor Huerta is a promising font family, bending the boundaries of readability!
Most of you may already know “Señor Huerta Thin”:

“Brazilian Street-Knowledge joins delicate Bézier-Handicraft; an unbeatable combination …” (100% Typolyester Blog)

So get ready for the birth of Señor Huerta Regular! This typeface is even adds to the awesomeness of Señor Huerta Thin; in Kiosk-Land one would say: “Stabil!”
Kiosk Fonts rocks your world!
Please keep admiring our Fonts on our website; a webshop will launch very soon!


7 Responses to “Kiosk Fonts Library grows bigger and bigger!”

  1. DOZEY Says:

    Erkläre mich ruhig für doof ;-)…wie kann ich denn so einen font ziehen???? Blick das irgendwie nicht!

    Beste Grüße, bitte um Rat

    der DOZEY

  2. typopp Says:

    Hi Dozey,

    auf Kiosk Fonts gibt’s momentan noch keinen Download. Wenn jedoch alle Schriften vernünftig ausgebaut sein werden, wird es auch einen Webshop geben, wo man die Fonts dann kaufen kann.

    Bis dahin bitte ich noch um Geduld. Aber ich merke: die Leute sind heiß! 🙂

  3. Johab Silva Says:

    Hello! I want to know if the artist have some relationship with somebrazilian guy or if he had some experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

  4. False art Says:

    vc nao sabe nada de art brasileira. Vc nao sabe nada de pixacao!!Fafo!!!
    Vc nao e brasileiro e vc nao sabe a nossa realidade. Vc esta vendendo a nossa arte e vc nao tem nem ideia doque que ela e.
    Gringo bafo!!!

  5. False art Says:


  6. False art Says:

    vc nao save o que a rua representa pra nos la no BRAsil!!!


  7. typopp Says:

    Thanks for your constructive critisism!
    Of course we know nothing about Pixação and Brazil in general, but perhaps we’d like to know a little more about it … so if you have any unseful suggestions to make – please go ahead and give us some advice. It would be really nice working with a real Pixação-head!
    Until now we’re not selling anything yet – neither your art, nor your culture. This is only for the purpose of showing our type-design work.
    I quote the creator of the typeface:

    „Inspired by this culture, this font is a hommage to it as well.“
    Of course, this typeface results of quite a mélange of influences, and certainly it’s a very free, personal interpretation, nevertheless it intends to pay respect to the whole Pixação-culture.

    Keep rockin’ in stability!

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